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Friday, 10 July 2009 12:54

This is an overview of some of my music, made and recorded over the last few years. Not blues or gospel at all, just some fancy creativity.


Home jams ... for fun

White Barn Recordings #2

Just spent some time back in the White Barn recording some stuff together with my bro' Jack:
Marc: piano, hammond, fingerpicking guitar, rhythms, vocals
Jack: fretless bass, bass, semi acoustic guitar, rhythms, backing vocals

Certainly Lord

Deep River Blues

Freedom for the stallion

Goin' down the road feelin' bad

White Barn Recordings #1

About 2 years ago, spent some time with my pal Jack Thyssen and jammed a while at this White Barn, making these recordings. Songs written by meself.

Milonging #2  (pno:Marc Borms/bss: Jack Thyssen)

A song about longing for more. I had been listening to a Belgian/Argentine band playing tango and milonga. This is my bluesy milonga version. Me longing.


Por Siempre (pno:Marc Borms/bss: Jack Thyssen)

For ever. Easy jazzy melody.


88 Baby Boogie (pno:Marc Borms/bss: Jack Thyssen)

My eternal love, my 88 keys baby, my piano. Always there.


White Barn Blues (pno:Marc Borms/bss: Jack Thyssen)

Staying at my good friend Jack's house, we did some jamming. At this very moment I didn't know Jack pushed the Record button.


Home recordings

Some home stuff .. written by myself, exect "Wade" of course, which is a spiritual.

Wade in the water


Empty Cup





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