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If I can help somebody
Written by Marc Borms   
Saturday, 11 July 2009 11:26

As you may know, I'm into African American music for a long time.

For more than a decade, I'm performing spirituals, gospel & blues with Lea Gilmore, a great performer, but even more a woman with a great heart for justice, equality, freedom and music. Lea is on the barricades for so many things, but most of all basic and equal rights for everybody. And so am I.


Last year we started a project "In the Spirit", a tribute to the music and the commitments to human rights of Mahalia Jackson. Probably the most important gospel singer ever. Mahalia is known for her inspiring music, but she was a huge fighter for equality. 
The message we found in her music, is a message of love, about a sharing of common ground. Like Lea says: we do not cry in white, or laugh in black. We are all human beings.

Please listen to this excerpt of a live recording with did in spring, performing Mahalia's songs. 
First Lea tells about this sharing of common ground.

And then we perform "If I can help somebody". One of Mahalia's most important songs, and a big message for all of us. Thanks for listening.



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