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Native American Flutes
Written by Marc Borms   
Saturday, 11 July 2009 13:57

I may be dedicated to gospel and blues. But there is more.

Since a long time I've been looking for those great Irish flutes and flute sound. That warm feeling of bending notes mixing a song into a great emotion.

Until I discovered the sound of the native American flute.

For ages used by native Americans, and played in a way that brought them closer to nature, to themselves.
Ed Hrebec, Oregon US, is a great flute builder I met on the net.
After a first email we got in touch on Skype and spend many hours chatting about the building and playing of these great instruments.


In the end I decided to ask Ed to build me a native American flute. It's going to be a large low G-minor side blown flute, made of white limba wood, and embellished with wood carvings, colored with Mount St.Helen's vulcan ashes and even an "embee" signature. I'm so looking forward getting the flute.

If you are interested, please take a look at Ed's website : Spirit of the Woods. He's great.

This is just one of his flutes ... find more on Ed's site.


American native flutes are recognized by the block which is fixed over the soundhole, usually with a leather rope.
My flute will have a bird shaped block, the flute will be created in white limba ( like the palest color on the last picture ).

(photo credit: Ed Hrebec)


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