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Devils in Flanders
Written by Marc Borms   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 07:59

In a nearby place called Strijtem, about 10 miles from Brussels, there is a small church in town dedicated to St Martin. At the end of the 19the century, in the middle of the big social fights

over here in Flanders between the lower class people and the bourgeois, there was an excentric priest Paul Cuylits who was banned to this small village because he was very much socially aware and fought too much against the government. The town at that moment was a town full of illness, poverty, no work and drunkards. For one reason he rebuilt the church, adding plenty of stained glass windows featuring the devil. He pictured existing people in these windows, including Charles Woeste (national politics) and the abbot of the local cloister of St.Francis in the purgatory.



In the back of the church there is a real human skelet. It rang a bell every half hour, picturing the text that "nobody is sure about his heavenly spot".



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